[ New Weapon ]

The Lightning Cannon is now available, it can be found being used by some traders and Vortec fleets. You can also get research fragments from Salvaging and the Research store.

The Lightning Cannon is a unique weapon, its standard attack can hit multiple ships if they are close enough together, but its damage will be spread among them.
When using its ability it can fire further and has a large area of damage.
When it fires its ability it will drain all energy on your ship and use this as extra damage along with a set amount of base damage, this can be very effective when fully charged.

[ Notes ]

This is a completely new type of weapon and as such it will be balanced based on feedback over the next week. It plays very differently depending on your ship setup as well as the mk version of the weapon so I expect everyone to have different experiences with it.
There are also some other ship balances pending that will be applied after this new weapon feedback is in so they can be balanced together.

I changed the event store at the last minute, it used to be open only after the events but Ive taken that out and put the event items into an existing store area so you won't need to wait if you want to use your event credits if you miss the store times.
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