Maintenance and Updates
[ Maintenance and Updates ]

Hi everyone some slightly rubbish news, my hosting company (packet.com) have told me they are moving some of their servers around and that ALL of my servers will be offline for up to 8 hours on the 22nd Aug starting at 07:00 UTC.

I have been trying all weekend and the last few days to move servers to another provider but it has been taking a very long time and I won't be able to get it done in time. So it looks like despite my efforts and talking to packet this will still happen.

I have managed to move some servers, so you will at least get the offline message.... The good news is the new servers are more powerful, so hopefully this will all have a good upside.

I will do a massive event this weekend and increase exp, drop rates etc

[ Update ]

The next update will be released next week, after I move all the servers to the new provider.
It contains a bunch of new stuff:
- Scrapping normal items.
- A new resource Oxilium, this will allow you to craft legendary parts.
- M6 Ships.
- Skills, after maxing your fleet level you are able to improve all fleets via skill points.

And MORE, that I will announce just before launch :)

Thanks everyone and once again sorry about this downtime.