Update Release 3!
[ New Feature Release 3 ]

Todays update has released:

- Plank Titan.
- Tergon Corvette.
- Shipyard level requirements lowered for all Corvettes.

All updates combined for the last couple of days:

- Thulmar Battleship.
- Spirit Destroyer.
- M6 Crafting.
- Oxilium spawns in battle.
- Legendary crafting/forging.
- Rigging costs reduced.
- Timers for station upgrades, crafting and research have been reduced.
- Drop rates increased.
- Spawn changes in war and assault zones.
- Night raven raid activated.
- Rocket pod ability buff.
- Power armor buff.
- Sap fields, nebulas and other battle features have had their area of effect increased.
- Ranges for short and medium range weapons have been reduced slightly, they are still bigger than before the last update.
- Core sectors added!.

There are some more balancing changes coming to existing weapons, ships and fittings. Also some drop rate increases across all things.

The new Trader will be coming next, along with the new ships being found in AI fleets ( want to see how balance is first, so their may be small tweaks to the new ship stats)

The Trader will drop large amounts of a single resource Ore/Pyrite/Helium3/Oxilium and will be named on the map showing what it is carrying.

As always I will be monitoring everything and there will be more balancing! Enjoy!